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Customer reviews and videos of Monzter’s tail light sequencers

2010-2018 Mustang Tail Light Sequencer Reviews

2010-2018 Mustang Sequential Tail Light Sequencers

Customer reviews and videos

This page was only added to our website in April, 2014.  Previous testimonies did not transfer as hoped, so please don’t let  the fact that there are not yet hundreds of reviews be a negative.  The written reviews are followed by videos submitted by customers.

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Reviews start below:

2013 Mustang Boss 302
June 30, 2014
Completes what Ford started...

Although the tail lights sequence when using the turn signal as Ford designed, they missed the boat by not making them sequence for all functions. Not only do they look good when sequencing for everything, whoever is behind you can't miss them.

Ford started with a great idea...Monzter just took it one step further and improved it.

Extremely easy to install....took less that 2 minutes.

Peter M.
Peter M.
2013 Boss 302
April 3, 2014
Should have been standard on the Boss 302

When I saw these online I thought, why did Ford not do this as standard equipment? I ordered them on a Saturday, got them on Monday. Monzter says it takes about 10 minutes to install. I did it in about 2 mins. No kidding. The simplest add-on ever, but really adds to the look. Love 'em.

Ceasar L.
Ceasar L.
2013 GT
March 30, 2014
Saw on forum

I hadn't heard of these until I saw someone post on a Mustang forum about them. I checked them out because I missed the tail light action my 2005 GT had after I added sequential harnesses. It looked like just what I wanted and price was good. Got them in two days, installed in 5 minutes, show'n off in 6 minutes flat. Excellent find! Thanks to that guy on the forum.

Art D.
Art D.
2012 Shelby GT500
March 27, 2014
An add-on can't get much simpler

I ordered these when I saw them because I wanted the additional sequencing that I used to have on my 2008 Shelby. I got them in the mail about 2:00pm on Saturday, by 2:10pm I was on the road showing them off. Very cool add-on. Priced well. I would recommend to others. They are new, but no worries. Very high quality pieces.

2013 Boss 302
March 24, 2014
Ya gotta love it

This is such a perfect product. So simple to install. I did it with no tools in under four minutes. They come in this little 9 inch tube to protect them I guess. You pull them out, undo by hand a couple of connectors on your rear trunk panel, and snap-snap you're done. They function perfectly. Too cool! I recommend. My Boss is now even more unique.