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2010-2018 Mustang Tail Light Sequencers by Monzter Automotive
2010-2018 Mustang Sequential Tail Lights kit

2010-2018 Mustang Tail Light Sequencers

Put the finishing touch on your 2010-2018 Mustang

Released in late 2013 by Monzter Automotive, our Tail Light Sequencers finished what Ford started in 2010 when Ford added sequential turn signals as standard equipment to the 2010 Mustang.  The brilliant LED tail lights on the 2010+ Mustangs look incredibly sexy as they sequence when the turn signals are used. Unfortunately, Ford decided not to provide the same sexy look for the other tail light functions.  That’s where Monzter Automotive stepped up with a solution.

Monzter’s Tail Light Sequencers add that sexy sequential look to all 2010-2018 Mustang tail light functions.  Our unique Tail Light Sequencers sequence not only your Mustang’s turn signals, but the brake lights, hazard lights and even the remote unlock feature which flashes the tail lights briefly when unlocking your Mustang using the key fob.

Mustang Squential Tail Lights vs Factory Tail LightsMonzter’s Tail Light Sequencers are microprocessor controlled adapters, that plug into your Mustang’s existing tail light harnesses.  Our Tail Light Sequencers arrive with simple instructions.  In 10 minutes or less, anyone, and yes that means the ladies, can install these and be on the road showing off your Mustang’s new look.

After installation, every time you signal for a turn, apply the brakes or unlock your car, your Mustang’s tail will have that sexy sequential action that draws the attention your Mustang deserves.  When the need to use your hazard lights arises, you’ll draw more than enough attention with the continuous sexy sequential display on both tail lights.

2010-2018 Mustang Sequential Tail Light SequencersMonzter Automotive has a proven history of innovative and extremely reliable aftermarket sequential tail light solutions for Mustangs.  These units come with a two-year replacement warranty for your peace of mind.  As with all our products, we engineer and manufacturer these in Detroit, USA, where we use automotive industry experts to produce the highest quality parts for your Mustang.

Easy installation, fantastic look, make these a “must have”

The true plug-n-play, quick and easy install, along with the fantastic look these Tail Light Sequencers add to your Mustangs, have made them a huge hit with the late model Mustang owners. These are designed for all models in the 2010+ Mustang family.

If you own a 2010+ Mustang or you’re looking for a gift for that special Mustang owner, you can’t go wrong with picking up a set.  These provide a sexy finishing touch to any 2010+ Mustang.


This is the Factory Tail Light Sequencing on 2010+ Mustangs
(only the Turn Signals sequence)
This is the Tail Light Sequencing added by Monzter Automotive
(All tail light functions will sequence)