2005-2009 Mustang LED Sequential Tail Light Reviews

2005-2009 Mustang LED Sequential Tail Lights

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July 7, 2015
Finally LED lights that work

Finally LED tail lights that work with my LED front parking lights. Tried several others that would not funtion correctly. My Monzter LED tail lights work perfectly.

2009 GT
July 7, 2014
LED Sequential Tail Lights

The web site indicated that these lights were good, but they really are a must have. It took about 20 minutes to fit them and they really enhance the look of the vehicle. Very happy NZ customer - cheers.

Billy B.
Billy B.
'06 Shelby GT500
April 3, 2014
Sequential's worthy of my GT500

I looked everywhere to find the highest quality LED sequential tail lights for my GT500 and then I came across Monzter automotive's. The fact that they used the same LEDs as the 2010 and newer Mustangs sold me.  The kit comes with 6 LED bulbs and two high quality harnesses. Everything you need.  In about 30 minutes I had fantastic looking sequential LEDs on my stang.

Michael O.
Michael O.
2009 Shelby GT500
March 23, 2014
Nothing better!

This kit is about as close to factory as you can get for adding sequential tail lights to your Mustang. The harnesses are super high quality and fit perfectly. The LED bulbs are really dealer parts, so they really are factory parts. This was more money than an incandescent bulb option but its worth it to keep my Mustang as close to being a Ford as possible. Great product. Love the look!

2008 GT
March 14, 2014
What a great find!

I've been wanting to add sequential LEDs to my car but every LED solution looked so chinese, until I found this new option from monzter. Great idea to use the same LED bulbs as the 2010+. I ordered them and got them quick. I opened the box and first noticed the OE quality everything. While installing everything fit perfectly. it's basically unplug the existing and plug in the new. Tried them out, again perfect! LEDs light so much faster, it's like instant on and they are brighter than my regular bulbs. This was a great find for me.

Some might think these are a little pricey but this is a top of the line product. What you are paying for more than anything is the LED bulbs. A Ford dealer wants over $70 each and monzter includes 6 of them with their harnesses at a huge discount. If you want a sequential LED solution I recommend you check these out.